About This Western Tower Defense

Western Sigil is a tower defense game in which you take on the role of the sheriff's son, tasked with maintaining peace in the town of Wadeville. Idyll will not last too long since a dangerous plague has broken into the city walls and your mission is to find its source and stop the rot from spreading.

Be smart!

Recruit cowboys, Indians, National Guard soldiers, Mexicans or even bandits - everyone, regardless of their political views, wants the end of the ugly plague.

Strategically deploy your forces on the map and set up turrets. Hire new members and gain experience to develop your units. Throw away their rusty guns and gear them up with new weapons to make your team even more powerful. Set ambushes to weaken your foes and find out who’s the cause of the overwhelming havoc.

Fight orcs, demons, skeletons, goblins, trolls, forest creatures and even animals like wolves or bears. The variety of monsters you will encounter in-game is a good material for a separate bestiary book, a weird one, that is.

Feels Like a Magic

The task is made difficult by the fact that there was some kind of strange magic involved in all this. To remove the unfortunate spell, you must find all the mysterious sigils and close the portal leading to another dimension, the very home of awful creatures disrupting the peace in Wadeville.


- Protect your lands in this unique tower defense & resource management game sprinkled with a spicy pinch of strategy.
- Get in the ranks with cowboys, Indians, soldiers, local Mexicans or bandits.
- Distribute the units on the map properly - their location determines their strength.
- Hire new members to boost your performance on the battlefield.
- Gain experience and develop your units by equipping them with new, shiny weapons.
- Set ambushes and place standard and premium turrets to protect every single acre of Wadeville.

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